Gold Tee Golf International


Gold Tee Golf International (GTGI), was founded in 1991 by golf course architect Dan A. Blankenship .Dan created GTGI after working almost eight years with the world famous golf course architect , Pete Dye and his oldest son Perry .These eight years with the Dye family taught Dan that the secrets to delivering great golf courses are;

(1) focusing on the execution of the golf course project,and

(2) a very high level of hands-on participation by the golf course architect.Pete Dye is famous for living with his best golf course projects during the construction phase and even jumping on a bulldozer and shaping when his shapers are not delivering the product he desires .

GTGI’s philosophy is the same,they understand that a very good project on paper is important to get started and is a necessary part of the process, but the execution of the project is the key to success.GTGI executes each project with a small but very professional and experienced team of technicians .These shapers, project managers, grow-in superintendents, irrigation and drainage technicians, are all highly trained men who either play golf or are learning to play golf . Dan encourages all of his team members to play golf so that everyone on the team has a golfers point of view and a strong passion for the game.This passion for the game of golf is at the heart of GTGI. Dan began playing golf at the age of seven and has been a golf fanatic with a sub 5 handicap his entire adult life .